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Welcome to Kindergarten at Swan Christian College

At Swan Christian College we believe that learning should be fun. We value children as exploratory learners and aim to start them on a life-long adventure in learning.

Our Kindergarten programs build students' understanding and knowledge through an educational philosophy that values exploratory and adventurous learning. Along with a Three-Day Kindy program, we also offer Five-Day Kindy. Click here to enquire today!



Exploratory Learning

Research shows that the first five years of a child’s life are a valuable time. Enrolling your child in a Kindy program to ease them into school during these years can help develop their social skills, foster creativity and imagination.

In Kindy, students are given the opportunity to engage in everyday learning adventures. This engagement is very important to us, as we believe that mindful engagement results in a better learning experience for the student.

In using the national Early Years Learning Framework, we aim to help students to build a strong identity and connect with the world around them. We also focus on the development of a strong sense of wellbeing, confidence in learning and effective communication. The early years are a time to:

  • Belong - to a family, culture, community
  • Be - play, have fun, try new things and enjoy
  • Become - the best they can be, learning all they can.

The emphasis is on social skill building and confidence to begin the literacy and numeracy journey of College life.



Three-Day or Five-Day Kindy

For some children and families, transitioning from time spent at home or day care to schooling life can be exciting. For others, this transition period can also be a little daunting. Our Kindy program aims to make this transition as smooth and easy as possible, by gently introducing your child to formal education through Three-Day or Five-Day school interaction.

As of 2020, families will be able to choose between our Three-Day and our Five-Day Kindergarten program, depending on what's best for your child and individual family situation.

Students in our Kindergarten programs seamlessly transition into Pre-Primary, giving them a great head start on their life-long learning adventure.

If you would like to sign up for a College tour to experience our vibrant Kindy facilities firsthand, please complete the College tour registration form.


Enquire Today

To join us in Kindergarten, please fill out the Application for Enrolment form, or contact Mrs Jane Jayes on (08) 9374 8300 or via the form below if you have any questions. We'll reply to you shortly with answers to any questions, information on enrolment availability, and upcoming tour dates.


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