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Welcome to Year 4 at Swan Christian College

Year 4 is an exciting and relevant time to join Swan Christian College. Our Year 4 program is a launchpad for a number of programs that continue beyond Upper Primary and into Senior School, and it helps students settle into a new school.

Entering in Year 4 also smooths the path to Senior School by removing the fears associated with adapting to an unfamiliar environment.


Academic Continuity

We strive to develop thinkers, doers, and creators that can innovate and problem-solve our world’s future needs and our College is well known for its excellent academic program and results.

Learning in Year 4 is characterised by ‘how’ (inquiry) rather than ‘what’ (knowledge). In teaching students how to think and ask the right questions, we prepare them for future success and careers that are very different to those we know today.

Year 4 is the launchpad for a number of programs that continue beyond Upper Primary and into Senior School. Our Learning with Technology program commences in Year 4 Aimed at imparting the 21st century skill of digital fluency, students use their own devices to achieve technology learning outcomes in the classroom, while also enabling them to continue learning anywhere, anytime.

Settling into a new school at Year 4 smooths the path to Senior School by removing the fears associated with adapting to an unfamiliar environment. Familiarity with the Senior School campus, similar routines, whole school initiatives and shared teachers means the move to Senior School becomes much less daunting when Year 7 arrives. 


Thriving Socially

We take transitions extremely seriously, as we know that a positive school transition helps to maintain the motivation to learn and attitudes toward school.

Research supports a school transition prior to the onset of adolescence, which in itself brings its own social, physical and emotional adjustments for students and parents alike. Younger children generally establish new friends easily, and therefore settle in more quickly than adolescents.

By enrolling in Year 4, students have time to make new friends, and they can move comfortably to high school with a cohort of friends they have made over the previous two years, and an established support network in place.

Our staff are well prepared to assist with seamless transitions and students enjoy their ‘Get to Know Us’ Orientation Day prior to entering in Year 4.


Beyond the Classroom

Our College offers an abundance of opportunities for students to explore, experience, learn, find their strengths and become the very best person they can be.

We want to awaken the best in every student and have developed unique structures and leadership opportunities to help liberate your child’s potential.

By enrolling in Year 4, your child is eligible for student leadership opportunities in Year 6, which help to build character and shape our students into discerning young people. The Year 6 student leaders take on roles such as pastoral care of students in the lower grades, the leadership of formal events, community service, values building and media and arts development.

The extra-curricular opportunities are plentiful for Year 4 students at Swan Christian College. From joining the choir, a worship band, or jazz, percussion or string ensemble to being a part of our champion chess club, to advanced art club and various sports clubs, Swan Christian College Junior School truly cares for the holistic education of each and every child, by offering a fusion of academic, emotional, spiritual and physical growth opportunities. 


Being the Difference

As a Christian College, we have a high level of pastoral care and our students and staff are inclusive, supportive and encouraging. Values of respect, integrity, spirituality and excellence are promoted and are evident in our students’ behaviour.

With community service and opportunities for local and overseas missions an integral part of the Swan Christian College experience, our students consider their actions and how it affects the world around them through a Christian world lens as they respectfully learn and are encouraged to be ‘the difference’ using their unique talents.

Belonging at Swan

Swan Christian College was established in 1982 and sits on an expansive property in the lush and beautiful Swan Valley. The outstanding facilities available include a large state of the art performing arts centre, gymnasium, hospitality kitchen, media labs, Swan Trade Training Centre, specialist rooms, a basketball court, large ovals, two libraries and wifi throughout the campus. Right from Year 4, our students benefit from access to these great facilities.

The College community is active, welcoming and inclusive and we are grateful that our parents generously share of their time and talents to make the school a better place for our students. 


Join us in Year 4

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