A Wonderful Year of Drama Collaboration

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The Year 12 ATAR Drama course this year has been small group moderated.

Small Group Moderation enables schools to combine to form a larger group. The teachers plan and work from the same program, study the same texts, set the same examinations, and moderate students work together. 

In Drama there are two examinations, a practical examination where students showcase their performance skills and their understanding of theatre theory and practitioners, and a written examination where they demonstrate this knowledge both through unseen text and by answering questions on the texts studied. It has been a really productive year for the three schools working in this partnership, Ellenbrook Christian College, Carey Baptist College and Swan Christian College. 

In addition to the course work, the Drama Department has also run external master classes on Saturdays once a month under the tutelage of Mrs Jane Lee. Jane has introduced intensive workshops to help students reach their full potential; they extend their understanding and knowledge of the coursework material and complete exam preparations as early as achievable, reducing stress levels and study loads in the challenging weeks before final exams. The workshops ran for full days with the students and staff from all three schools attending. At these Master classes, the teachers from each of the schools have worked collaboratively and added their expertise to the courses to deliver and present interactive high quality extension workshops on a whole range of syllabus-based material. 

Students viewed other theatrical works in addition to their own external outstanding production of Antigone. The external productions include, Next to Normal, Tige lilies, Hamlet, Wild Duck, Caucasion Chalk Circle, Midsummer Night’s Musical, Hedda Gabler and the most recent last night, the workshop performance production of When the Rain Stops Falling.  

This week, the students at Swan Christian College and Ellenbrook Christian College will be engaged in their final Year 12 ATAR Drama Practical Exam, and the students at Carey Baptist College will complete their exam next week. The students and staff have been preparing for this challenging practical exam for most of the year. All three Year 12 teachers will examine the students, and on behalf of the College we wish them all the best in this creative journey and in their final examinations. 

Ms Jane Lee
Drama Teacher 

Mrs Jennifer Mudhan
Head of Arts




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