Australian Brain Bee Challenge State Finalists

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It is with much pleasure that we congratulate two of our Year 10 students, JA and Jessica, who have been selected for the State Finals of the Australian Brain Bee Challenge.

The Australian Brain Bee Challenge (ABBC) is a competition for students in Year 10 to learn about the brain and its functions, learn about neuroscience research, find out about careers in neuroscience and dispel misconceptions about neurological and mental illnesses.

This national competition requires students to study different aspects of neuroscience and brain function, mostly in their own time, and sit a quiz during National Brain Awareness Week. It is a challenging competition with only the very top being invited to participate in the State Finals.

JA and Jessica achieved Top 10 highest scores of all students who participated in the competition. Congratulations to JA and Jessica!! This is a wonderful achievement.

Mrs Kelly Dwyer

Head of Science

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