Bringing Hope to the Ati people

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The funds raised on Philippines Day will go towards helping the Ati Tribe, a marginalized indigenous people group living in the Philippines.

Students will be learning about the Philippines and they will be raising much-needed funds to help those stricken by poverty.

There is a stark contrast between the pristine beaches of Boracay, lined with 5-star hotels, versus the shanty style thatched huts of the Ati people living in Caticlan, only a few kilometers away. Children with worn-out clothes and bare feet run around with old tire tubes for toys, helping their parents to scrounge around for the limited food that still exists in this area. These Ati people, who are largely illiterate, have been marginalized and persecuted for many years and their land has been usurped by foreign settlers.

Swan Christian has commenced a partnership with First Love International, an American charity, who established the first school for the Ati people eight years ago. Over 140 children now attend the school which goes from Year 1 to Year 8. The children now receive an education and a meal each day. They now have hope to find more meaningful career pathways than the menial work to which they have been accustomed. The school is in dire need of repair, with leaking rooves, and a Typhoon shelter which has no doors or windows.

Swan Christian College has just sent a sea container to Caticlan containing a children’s playground, school supplies and building supplies. The Junior School children each placed their hand print on the container before it left the College to go on its journey to the Philippines.

During Term 4, Swan Christian College will be sending three teams of students to serve at the Ati school and each team will run programs for the children and help with the building needs. The Swan Trade Training Centre will install doors and windows, repair leaking roofs, build seating, provide safe electricity to the school and much more.

Mrs Aurelia Cole, Head of the Junior School, will also be traveling with one of our teams to help train the local teachers to improve the standard of education in the school.

Philippines Day is an important event which will enable this vital work to continue. Your support will help Swan Christian College to give hope to the Ati people through providing them with a well-equipped school and a solid Christian education. This will have a long-term, flow on effect which will eventually transform the whole community.

We look forward with anticipation to a fruitful and enjoyable Philippines Day where our Junior School community can rally together with generous hearts to make a difference for those less fortunate in the world.


Mr Ray Hockley 

Head of Service Learning.


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