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The Year 11 cohort recently began their pathway to student leadership as part of our Living Well wellbeing program, with a presentation on what leadership means by Leadership Development Manager Mr Gene Howell.

Students who are interested in applying for leadership positions in 2022 participated in a discussion that included identifying the traits of effective leaders, what leadership means to an individual, and how to apply for a position. To be eligible to apply, students need to be in good standing with the College.

The Student Leadership team will consist of the following roles:

  • Head Girl and Head Boy, and Deputy Head Girl and Head Boy (may also have another area of responsibility)
  • Academic Captain (1)
  • Arts Captains (up to 4)
  • Christian Union Captain (1)
  • House Captains (10)
  • Service Captain (1)
  • Sport Captains (2)
  • Trade Centre Captain (1)
  • Wellbeing Captains (2-4)

Please note the closing date below, unfortunately we may not be able to accept late applications.

Important dates:

Nominations open

Friday 4 June

Nominations close

Friday 2 July

Head Girl and Head Boy Speeches

Week 3, Term 3

House Captain Speeches

Week 5, Term 3

Student Leader Luncheon

Wednesday 8 September

Transition Assembly

Friday 10 September

Roles Commence

Monday 11 October


Role descriptions are available from Dr Todd, Dean of Year 11, and Student Servies.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr Eason, Deputy Principal.

We look forward to receiving outstanding applications before the end of Term 2!

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

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