Cambodia 2015 Day 1

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We arrived safe and tired in Cambodia. Most of us got a few hours sleep on the plane and on the airport floor (that airport seriously lacks beds!). We took a two hour bus tour into Singapore and saw some of the sights. Sadly the big fish/lion statue was under repair so the students consoled themselves with ice cream.

The hotel in Pnomh Phen is very comfortable and we went out for our first Cambodian meal. Hannah asked what grilled elephant tasted like. (Remarkably like grilled eggplant). A few students gamely tried tarantula legs but Macey went one better and ate one whole! Before long Keegan announced ,”We better get home and get to bed because we’ve got a big day tomorrow”. All the students are looking forward to meeting the children at Sunshine House tomorrow. (No internet connection there so another update when we get back)

Kristina Wesley

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