Cambodia 2015 Day 2

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We arrived at Awareness Cambodia on hot Saturday morning. After a tour and an explanati of the history of the charity we shared our first lunch together with the children at Sunshine House.  The children were very wary of the students, but after lunch joined in games with the them and new friends were quickly made. The children loved the crafts that we brought for them and lots of soccer and hopscotch games went on. Nick attracted a small disciple (Samuel) who stuck to him like glue.We enjoyed a church service together on Sunday. We sang some songs for the Cambodians and Renee and Bronte both spoke for about 10 mins each (with a translator). It was amazing to be worshipping together as the cool breeze wafted around us.
There have been some short lived tummy upsets and a few girls have had a cold, but otherwise we are all fit and healthy. We are blessed to be in this beautiful country with His beautiful people.

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