Cambodia 2015 Day 4

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On Monday the children had school so we got up a bit earlier to wave them goodbye. They all looked smart and trim in their uniforms.

Teachers in Cambodia are poorly paid and often have second or third jobs. If the other jobs get in they way of school, the teacher may simply not turn up for class. Even when they are there, learning is often by rote and memorisation and passing exams is by bribe. The middle school students have the privilege of attending a private Christian school where learning and teaching is more like what we have in Australia. 
While the children were at school the Swan students set off on mountain hike. The hike looked deceptively easy up a big lush green hill but actually involved scrambling over a path – covered in rocks of all sizes – at about a 50 degree angle – for over an hour in heat and humidity. For the students who made it up and back, it was an awesome achievement! 
Credit to Hannah who RAN down the mountain and was the first down, closely followed by Rebecca and Emily A.

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