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This article aims to celebrate staff of the College, who went above and beyond in the school break.


2021_T3_W2/Poole-Helen.jpgMrs Helen Poole, Senior School, Dean of Year 9 and English teacher

Recently Helen attained accreditation as a trainer for Youth Mental Health First Aid. Notwithstanding, that a number of staff have already completed the course, it is an asset to have our own trainer in the College. We aim to have a large number of staff complete the course over the next couple of years. Several staff surrendered two days of their holidays, to undertake this course, with Helen as their trainer. Thank you to Helen and the staff who attended for their care for students and their servant heartedness.




2021_T3_W2/Coran-longwood.jpgMr Coran Longwood, Senior School, Design and Technology Teacher

Coran Longwood was a leader at the ‘Sport Plus camp’ Perth. Sports Plus is a six-day residential camp which focuses on intense sports coaching for serious athletes in Years 7-12. Another focus is exploring who Jesus is. Whilst Coran was involved in all aspects of the camp, he had a particular role in kayaking. He enjoyed building relationship with several Swan Christian College students, and the opportunity to share his faith. ‘Sport Plus camp’ Perth used the adventure centre next to the College as well as the College grounds itself. A six day residential camp is a significant commitment and we commend Coran on his faithful devotion to young people.



2021_T3_W2/Schepemaker-Nathen.jpgMr Nathan Schepemaker, Senior School, Dean of Christian Living 

Nathan was invited by Dale Christian School to share the content and approaches our College uses for teaching Christian Living. The College is well regarded for our thoughtful, well-sequenced programs in Years 7-12, with active learning at the core of lessons. Nathan spent an inordinate amount of time preparing, and led staff for a full day at Dale’s Professional Learning Day. This occurred during our holiday time. It is testament to the Biblically faithful courses, the work over several years in framing teaching and learning in Christian Living, and the reputation Swan has in this area. Dale staff have praised Nathan’s presentation skills as well as the content material. Thank you, Nathan.




I am proud of our staff at the College.


Mrs Christine Crump
Head of Pedagogy


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