Christian Education Seminar for Parents

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Its time for the 2018 Christian Education Seminar!

Register today to reserve your seat for the Christian Education Seminar, featuring international expert on Christian Education, Professor Trevor Cooling (UK).

Growing up in modern Australia is to experience a diverse, media infused, scary world. What then is the particular value of a Christian education? How can an ancient figure like Jesus possibly help a young person to flourish in the competitive modern world?

In one impactful session, Professor Trevor Cooling will address the importance of Christian Education and why we do it. Join us at 6:45pm for delicious snacks (prepared by the Swan Trade Training Centre Hospitality Students) and an opportunity to mingle with like-minded individuals.

Suited to Parents, Grandparents, Pastors, Chaplains and all people involved in Christian Education.

Cost: Free

Registration link:

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