Connect and Learn – Inclusive Education Team Hosts Morning Tea

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What a turnout we had on Tuesday, 23 May when the Inclusive Education Team hosted a community morning tea. Roughly 50 parents and guardians gathered in the Maali Room to hear from Ms Julia Aland, Dean of Inclusive Education – Junior School and Acting Head of Curriculum, and Ms Jody Sims, College Psychologist, who gave incredible insights into how we can support our students.

Parents and carers enjoyed the time to meet, make connections, and share experiences. There was also an opportunity to broaden our knowledge of Specific Learning Disorders, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia, the accommodations offered at Swan, and strategies parents can use to support their child academically and emotionally.

The Inclusive Education Team looks forward to future opportunities to network with parents. Stay tuned for the next Inclusive Education Morning Tea date!

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