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On Saturday 28 August, thirteen Year 4, 5 and 6 students headed to Curtin University for this year’s Creative Edge Thinking Challenge.

Team 1 took us to a curious abode at 8 Bottlebrush Drive where a young boy was wondering how to convince his parents to buy this uniquely enchanted house with its air of wisdom and refinement. A range of anthropomorphic creatures including a magical box monkey, a teddy bear, an old talking tree and a mirror talked to him about the wonderful future of the house using quotes from well-known texts.

Team 2 were ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ and performed a tale of time travel from a museum back in time to the 1940s to learn about the Enigma. The story was narrated beautifully and had the audience laughing out loud as the team explored the idea that things can be right in front of our eyes and yet still be hidden to us, sometimes because we don’t pay attention and sometimes it is for the ‘greater good’.

Both teams presented well, came up with entertaining, creative performances and showed great teamwork and innovation.

What is the Creative Edge Problem Solving Challenge?

The Creative Edge Problem Solving Challenge is an innovative educational competition providing students with motivating challenges that will develop both critical and creative thinking skills.

Teams of four to eight students are required to solve open-ended challenges in one of the following disciplines and present their most creative solution at their local Regional Final:

  • Literature and Communication
  • Science Engineering
  • Society and Environment

Teams are required to work together on the challenge of their choosing for up to six weeks without assistance from anyone outside the team. They are encouraged to explore possibilities and experiment with a range of ideas as they work towards their best possible solution.

Participants develop both critical and creative thinking skills and are encouraged to experiment with original ways to communicate their challenge solution to an audience.


Miss Estelle Palmer
Acting Deputy Head of Junior School


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