Cycle4Change Day 4

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Day 4 – Gnowangerup to Albany

I was so much looking forward to Day 4, chilled out ride with a few rolling hills down to Albany…… Well, seems like other plans were made without any consultation as we rolled out of Gnowangerup, so did the 30km/hr head wind. 137km’s had to be covered today, which when broken into 20-25km stints, becomes a little more do-able.


Mrs Coleman was awarded the dinosaur helmet for “feeling her age” yesterday and was summonsed to wear it for 1hr this morning.  This proved a tough ask in the head winds, but she soldiered on and toughed it out.  Austin had chain issues and that was the first mechanical delay for the day, quickly attended to by the tours mechanics, aka, Kaleb and Casey.  

A much needed morning tea was on the road side, superbly catered for by the tour chefs, aka, Mrs Howell and Mrs Friend, so we re-fueled and continued towards the beautiful Stirling Ranges.  A picturesque ride along the side of the mountains, which should you be able to take your mind off the climb your currently trying to conquer, the view was amazing.

With the ferocious head wind’s just not wanting to let up, Mr Banks, Mr Davies and Mr Lewis directed the Paleton to form a 5 man echelon across the road.  With traffic conditions ahead and behind being monitored by the road crew, we formed side by side rows across the road that makes riding in the conditions a little easier.  We continued this for what seems like an eternity, and then we split the Paleton down the middle for a photo opportunity with the tour paparazzi, Jordan.

After the photo we started to form back into 2 lines, when all of a sudden, Mrs Coleman was on the ground, bike on top of her, and Sam was next to her, on the ground, bike on top of them both and already apologising before she hit the deck.  Both girls ok, bit of road rash and bravely back on the group after being patched up, the spatula award today goes to Sam Lewis.  We pushed on to lunch, refueled, the riders and the support vehicles, then with one last flat for Mrs Coleman, we finally, which felt like a life time, rolled into Albany.  Even after the amazingly tough day, all riders pushed on to ride up the last climb to our hot showers, dinner and accommodation for the night.  


Now as everyone rests and re-fills their energy tanks, we are grateful for the luxuries we have and keep reminding ourselves of the reason we are doing what we are, feeling the way we do and appreciating the support and prayers that we are getting from our supporters, families and friends.

Kylie Bullard



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