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The Junior School’s annual K-2 Father’s Night was a night of fun games, hands-on activities and big smiles.

The night is a special time for us to celebrate and value the role of fathers in our students’ lives, families and within our community. This year, the Junior Schoolorganisedthings a little differently and after a yummy sausage sizzle for dinner, the classes in K-2 were opened with a range of fun and hands-on games and activities. 

Students could take their dad around and visit all the classes and choose what they would like to participate in. The activities ranged from painting portraits to building cup towers. The chocolate game was delicious and so was toasting marshmallows in the “camping out” classroom.

The feedback the Junior School has received already has been wonderful and there were big smiles all round on the night.

“I just want to thank you all firstly as a Father for a wonderful evening that you put on for all fathers last Friday.  I had great fun with my two kids and it was a great community feel.  It was so good just to do active things with my kids as that’s what dads like to do. Oh, and the food was great!” – Stephen Ford


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