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Several of our Year 10 students achieved the honour of being the first of our students to achieve the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.  

Our students joined thousands of others worldwide who have obtained this prestigious award. Over the past year, these students have developed leadership and teamwork skills and demonstrated resilience in their endeavour to learn new skills, participate in challenging physical activities and serve their community.

Teagan Brown, the WA coordinator for the award, led the ceremony at the Year 3 -12 assembly on 6 April. With the aid of Principal Adrian Scott, Teagan presented certificates and bronze badges to the students which they are able to wear on the lapel of their College blazers.

Some of these students are planning on moving on to complete the requirements for their Silver Award which will involve at least 26 weeks of learning a skill and serving the community, as well as a physical recreation activity and an adventurous journey.

Over 30 other students from Year 9 and 10 at Swan Christian College are currently enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Each of these students will not only develop in their character through their participation, they will also achieve a globally recognised certificate as a result of their efforts.

Congratulations to the following students on achieving this award:

  • Kate B
  • Romy C
  • Layla Z
  • Holly K
  • Cheyanne G
  • Oliver S
  • Zara J    
  • Ebony M achieved a Level 3 Compass Award


For more information about enrolling in the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Swan Christian College please contact Liz Hewson at liz.hewson@scea.wa.edu.au .


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