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2017 is the start of the Fenceline Theatre Company at Swan Christian College.

The intention of this theatre company is to develop a passion for the theatre and performance by developing skills and by providing performance opportunities for our talented students.

Fenceline Theatre Company will comprise of a group of performers who would like to learn more about the world of theatre and performance. Dedicated to learning and developing their artistic flare and craft, this theatre company will offer performance opportunities for students from Years 7-12 outside of school hours. Fenceline Theatre Company will run either on a Tuesday, Thursday or Wednesday after school. Depending on the interest, we may hold a Middle School Ensemble on one night and a Senior School Ensemble on the other. The company will operate in the Maali Mia Theatre from 3:30-6:30pm.

Students need no experience to join this group, except for a willingness to learn and a commitment to rehearse and/or workshop. If they have some performance experience, then all the better! A performance piece is required to audition for the company. This is important because it shows the potential ability and commitment required to perform and join the talented group of College students. This audition piece need not be anything more than a poem, perhaps something the student has done in class or; the more ambitious may choose to do a monologue from a play. This website may be of assistance with a choice – http://www.ace-your-audition.com/monologues-for-teens.html

All work must be memorised. The audition piece should be a few minutes long and no more than 1-2 minutes and applicants should also be prepared to answer some questions on their own performance work. They may also be asked to do a simple improvisation. “Sounds exciting doesn’t it”! But don’t worry, all auditions are done on an individual basis, however if a student would like to audition with a group of friends they can.

When the auditions are over, the company will be selected and published for 2017. Each year the company’s group will be re auditioned/reselected, so students must be able to make a commitment for a whole year. After that, the fun and the work really begins and there will be a performance show before the end of this year. Students will perform published work, but as they grow and their talents blossom they might even begin to create their own devised theatre…the possibilities are endless!

So we are asking students as the school term draws to a close, to consider whether they would like to be involved? Whether they have the time and the inclination, and the commitment, because it will take all of these things. If they decide this is something they would like to do, they should spend some time preparing an audition piece. First auditions will take place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Week 9, students will need to pick up an audition form from the Arts Office or email fencelinetheatre@hotmail.com.

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