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I am sure most of you, like me, feel blessed to live in one of the world’s most isolated cities while we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. You have probably also noticed that it is very easy to relax and forget to observe the expectations and guidelines that the Government places on us through the Minister of Education to ensure our ongoing safety.

This is evident in several ways that I have noticed and there are probably more. Firstly, I don’t believe we are strictly observing the no contact and physical distancing expectation of one adult per 2 square metre rule. I myself have been guilty of instinctively reaching out and shaking hands as I greet people. Are we really carefully maintaining the one adult per 2 square metre distance? As a College, we are required to plan our events in ways that ensure we comply with this requirement.

Here at Swan, we have noticed an increase in the number of students coming to school with cold and flu-like symptoms when parents, in all schools in WA have been asked to keep their children home when they are unwell.

My thanks to teachers for their work in maintaining and improving our students’ readiness to return to a learning@home model should it become necessary in the future. In doing this, they are able to revise and refine their skills and the teachers have the opportunity to see how their students respond to the work they provide, and how communication can be improved. We all hope we will not have to go into lockdown again, but it is important we are well prepared.

In all the change that we have to manage, I am continually encouraged by God’s promises when I read in Malachi 3:6 “For I the Lord do not change….” and in Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” We are so blessed to have this assurance and know our God remains true forever.

My sincere thanks for the way all members of our community continue to work together to ensure that our students coming to school are safe and happy. In particular, my thanks to the parents who encourage us and support the decisions we make to manage the changes the pandemic has inflicted on us. I am hopeful of a smooth and rewarding journey through to the end of this school year.


Adrian Scott


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