Improvidus, Adapto, Flurente

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The sun shone on the graduates of 2020 last Thursday as we celebrated their success and time here at Swan. Their final assembly was different to that of previous years with a ‘virtual’ presence from the rest of the school, whilst Year 12 and their families celebrated in person.

The focus of the assembly considered resilience and problem solving skills that this year had required and the graduates’ ability to overcome adversity and graduate. The headline message changed from Improvidus, Adapto, Quad Victim – Improvise, adapt and overcome – to Improvidus, Adapto Flurente – Improvise, adapt and flourish. It also implored students to never underestimate the importance of the little things that they do in life, as the impact of these on others is often significant.

Mr Scott reminded students of the importance of being kind in the in the uncertain world we live in currently.

It was wonderful to see the successes that had been achieved over the year, with twenty-nine College Colours awards presented to the Year 12 students in attendance across all four disciplines, Academic, Community Service, Culture and Sport.

Year 11 Students from hospitality under the guidance of Chef Connie served us all a wonderful morning tea.



Mrs Rachel Allsop

Dean of Year 12

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