Instrumental Music Lessons

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Have you ever considered encouraging your child to learn to play an instrument? Swan offers music lessons on most instruments and our Head of Instrumental Music would love to chat to you about the benefits that students can reap from learning to play an instrument.

Please contact Mr Andrew Raymond if you would like more information or to discuss what might be a suitable instrument for your child. The application forms are available on SEQTA (under ‘Documents”) and contain all the information such as costs and commitments.


Withdrawal from Music Lessons

A reminder that if you are intending to withdraw from music lessons, we need to have notification in writing by the end of Week 8 for it to take effect in the following term. This is to give our tutors sufficient time to plan for the adjustment to their timetable and income.


Contact information:

Please contact Mr Andrew Raymond on 9374 8300 or contact him via email at

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

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