Introducing the Fenceline Theatre Company

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The College is pleased to announce that the very first ensemble for the Fenceline Theatre Company has been selected.


After the completion of the auditions, the following students have successfully joined the theatre company:

Lydia Rodic

Jessi Donaldson

Caitlin Stelfox

Oliver Stewart

Gracelyn Oakley

Mia Powell

Paris Jose

Lana Van Wyk

Ryan Walker

Hayley Yeoman

Zachary Edwards

Jolyon Joyce

Jessica Bognalbal

Liane Beck

Ruby Edwards

Emilie Tiivel

Alexandra Knight

Anika Wheat


Rehearsals for their first production The Final Dress Rehearsal, a comic farce written by Jack Frakes, have commenced.

The students are having a lot of fun on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 – 6:30pm while learning how this type of comedy works and how to create characters within characters. They are producing the whole production from acting to learning about lights, to set design and costumes.

The company is looking forward to performing in front of the College Community next term and will regularly post photographs of their progress through Inform and the College’s Facebook.

The pictures below are just a sample of the hilarity so far.

Ms Jane Hille




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