Junior Einsteins in Year 3

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The Year 3 students enjoyed a very engaging visit from Professor Maths! He brought lots of brain teasing Mathematics puzzles to solve that required students to work with shapes, reflections and patterns.

As the students completed the puzzles, they transformed into Junior Einsteins with glasses and crazy hair. It was a great day!

  • “For Maths, we did something amazing today! The Year 3s did maths games. The games were fun. My favourite game was the spider game.” – Eleri
  • “Today in Maths, we had an incursion with Professor Maths and did hard Maths games. My favourite game was Fish. If you got two games right, you got glasses. For four games you get a vest to be a junior professor. If you get SIX games, you get an Einstein wig. I had the most incredible time. It was amazing to become a mini professor for the day!” – Finlay
  • “There were so many games, but we got through them. My favourite game was the Spider game. There was an egg game and a game where you try to make shapes using smaller shapes. When you finish eight games you get a big fluffy wig and then you look like a mad science person!” – Savannah
  • “My favourite activity was a game called Spiders. There was a magnet, a small metal ball and a maze with lots of spiders. After each activity you have to fill out a sheet of paper and at the end the professor told us the answers to each game.” – Lillian
  • “Today was outstanding and I had a blast! I was laughing my head off and I had the most phenomenal time!” – Evelyn


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