Kantolomba Sunday/Monday

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Days 9 and 10

We woke up at 6:00, packed our bags and drove to the airport for a 10:00 flight. The President of Mozambique was arriving that day also, once we had already boarded the plane and ready to go the airport closed and our flight was delayed.  We saw the Zambian President cross the tarmac in front of our plane, which only had 33 seats (including the pilots). Once we arrived in Livingston there was a bus waiting for us, we drove to our hotel (Fawlty Towers). After we had settled in we went to have lunch across the road from the hotel, most of us had hungry lion which is like KFC.  Then we went to the local museum and learnt about the history of Africa and Livingston.  For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant called Olga’s, which the team goes to every trip.

 After our 7:30 breakfast we got dressed and left for the markets, the markets were little stalls selling all the same things and were very busy. The shop owners were very needy and tried to rip us off but Mr Hockley had trained us in the ways of bartering. After a good hour at the markets we headed back to the hotel, we had a bit of free time before we went across the road the get lunch.  After lunch we made our way to Victoria Falls which was AMAZING!!!! We walked the paths along the fall and by the time we made it across the bridge we were all saturated, the views were all fantastic. We then made our way down a really steep path to the boiling pot, which is where the water looks like it’s boiling, the walk back up almost killed us. We then made our way to the Victoria Falls markets, no one was really in the mood for the bartering but we still got good bargains, trading hair ties and water bottles for what they wanted. For dinner the hotel put on a BBQ for us that ended with ice-cream.

By Charley and Alex

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