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Last night we went to the house of prayer church on one of their miracle nights. The worship teams’ voices were AMAZING. A couple of us shared a short message to the church and the people of the church were so appreciative of us being there which was really nice to experience. Today we went to the school again and did our lessons like usual. My sponsor child has been calling me Keren (how unusual)  for the first couple of days, so I gave up trying to explain to her that I am not keren and I’m not her twin, just her younger sister, but I didn’t know if she actually understood or if she was just saying yes to be polite-until today when she gave me a thankyou letter she wrote in class saying “Dear Baby Keren” so on the plus side she now knows I’m not keren but I’m now known as baby Keren.  – Emma

The church that we went to last night was absolutely incredible. The atmosphere was something that I had never experienced before and to be completely honest, I really liked it. It was incredibly full on but I loved it and would jump at the chance to go back. Today we went back to the school and I started off doing some testing with the kids to see what they knew and what they didn’t and could improve on. Then we had a break for recess and Emma and I taught them some Aussie dance moves like ‘the running man’ and how to ‘dab’. It was absolutely hilarious but amazing how quickly they picked things up- the kids here are incredibly bright. There were 2 kids, Francis and Timothy, who put on a little performance for Emma and I and they were doing some rapping, that was probably the highlight of my day- just getting to know those kids a bit better and having a joke around with them.  After that, we did our normal classes with the kids and that was really fun. I got to know two girls in particular, Rabecca and Christine, and they were teaching me and some other girls some songs, games and dances which was really cool. This whole trip so far has been an incredible cultural experience and another amazing part of the world that we as a team are so blessed to be able to visit and influence. I can’t wait for the rest of the trip and I am confident that the rest of it will be just as amazing as it has been so far. – Olivia



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