Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal

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Our Year 12 Student Leaders decided to collaborate with Kmart and Salvation Army this year to give to children who may not be able to receive a gift for Christmas.

Lily F, one of the Student Leaders talks about the initiative:

The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal has a significant impact on the community by helping those in need, and Kmart believes that it is crucial to educate young people on the concept of giving back.

I have always loved the idea of giving back and supporting the community I am a part of. So, at the beginning of Term 4, I went to Midland Kmart and spoke to the Store Manager, Sharen.

Together we collaborated and brought the Wishing Tree to Swan. With help from the Salvation Army, we want to give gifts to Aussies in need, those who would normally not be getting a gift this year.

The leadership team worked alongside the Kindy classes who made the decorations for the tree. 

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