Making the Right Call Incursion

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Our Pre-Primary to Year 2 students learned about how to identify an emergency and how they can play an active role in keeping their friends, family and community safe.

The students were reminded of some important concepts such as:

  • Naming trusted people in the community who can help students stay safe and healthy.
  • Knowing how to assess a situation and deciding who and when to call for help.
  • Knowing how to call Triple Zero in an emergency or to contact Police or Crime Stoppers for other issues.
  • Knowing what to do when finding a discarded needle.
  • Practising ways of asking for help in a range of different situations and scenarios.
  • Simple actions and decisions students can take to keep themselves and others healthy and safe.

We would like to thank Constable Care for running this important incursion which consolidated what the students have been learning in their Health lessons.

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