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We’re thrilled to announce that our phone lockers for Years 7 and 8 are now installed and operational. Locker assignments, including locker number and 4-digit lock, will have been distributed to students on Friday, 23 February, and Year 7 and 8 students have started using them since Monday, 26 February. Phones must be stored in lockers before Mentor Group at 8:40am and can be retrieved after the final class at 3:05pm.  

For parental communication needs, Student Services can be contacted at (08) 9374 8314, and students can use Student Services phones to communicate with parents. Locker codes will be recorded with Mentor Group teachers for safekeeping, and lost locks will incur a $35 replacement fee. Medical or approved exemptions are available for phone storage, and students not requiring lockers should inform us at Violations of phone usage policies will result in detention for students.  

In 2025 the lockers program will be expanded to Year 9 and 2026 Year 10 and so forth, until all year groups are required to use the lockers. There may be some exemptions in extenuating circumstances such as medical reasons. Students in the Swan Trade Training Centre are currently required to lock their mobile phones away in their lockers and the new Mobile Phone Locker policy will align with this.

If you would like some more information or have any questions about the introduction of Mobile Phone Lockers, please contact Mr Terry Eason (Associate Principal) by email at

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

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