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If your child is currently taking instrumental music lessons at Swan Christian College or they are planning to commence lessons in 2022, please read the following music notices concerning lesson fees, notification of withdrawal and instrument hire in 2022.


Instrumental Music Fees for 2022

The cost of instrumental music lessons in 2022 will rise slightly as there has been no fee increase for four years:

  • group lessons will be $19 (up $1/lesson),
  • individual lessons will be $38 (up $2/lesson).


Notification of intention to continue or not into 2022

Unless you notify Swan Christian College by the end of the year that you are NOT continuing with instrumental lessons in 2022, it is assumed you will continue. Late withdrawals after the start of Term 1 will incur a four week penalty.

If you intend to continue, you don’t need to do anything. If you intend to withdraw, please email so we can plan for the start of next year.


Commencing Music Lessons in 2022

If you would like to commence learning an instrument in 2022 please complete and return the Music Tuition Application Form 2022 by the end of the year. The form can be found on SEQTA in the Documents>Forms panel.


Instrument Hire for 2022

If you are currently hiring a school instrument and intend to continue hiring in 2022, you need to renew the instrument at the library (to avoid the overdue notice) and then at the start of next year you will have two weeks once school starts to pay the hire fee before the instrument becomes overdue again.

Those people not continuing with hire in 2022 are asked to return the instrument this year via the library to the Arts Office.

Instrument hire forms with all the details concerning costs and maintenance are available on SEQTA in the Documents>Forms panel.


Thanks to all the students who have become involved in the Music Program and participated in the various school music groups. I hope you have enjoyed making music with your friends at school and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and restful, joyful holiday. I’ll see you next year!


Mr Andrew Raymond
Head of Instrumental Music

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