Negotiating Our Carpark in Peak Hour

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As you negotiate the carpark at pick up and drop off times, I would like to ask that you consider the role of crosswalk attendants who work to assist pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow during these busy times.

It is important that all users follow the directions of the attendants during this time. I have noticed that drivers sometimes ignore the direction to proceed through the carpark and instead wave the children standing at the crosswalk to cross the road. This contradicts the instruction the attendant has given the children to wait while some cars move through the crosswalk.

I understand that this is done by the driver to “care for” the child and let them cross the road. Unfortunately, the gesture contradicts the teacher/attendant and confuses the child who has been told to wait.

I am concerned that this creates a “stop – start – stop – go” process that, despite everyone’s good will, has the potential to place a child in danger.

Isn’t it wonderful that we are all seeking to look after each other at a time that can be stressful? However, I ask that you please follow the instructions of the attendants who are tasked with keeping cars and pedestrians moving as freely as possible. It will help improve the safety of our environment and, hopefully, have you leaving the premises as quickly as possible.


Adrian Scott


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