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As part of the Living Well program for Year 12 students, the College is currently trialling an online Career Guidance and Education Testing package.

Known as the Morrisby Profile, it is a comprehensive set of psychometric tests that comprises 12 separate assessments to measure mental function. Six of the tests are based on ability, four tests measure personality and the remaining two tests measure manual dexterity.

The Morrisby Profile helps determine ability performances and matches those abilities to potential career pathways. There are over 600 jobs listed in the database.

Students spend 100 minutes completing a range of timed assessments and untimed multiple-choice questionnaires, measuring aptitudes and work preferences.

The feedback provided by the Morrisby Profile presents the strengths and weaknesses of individuals in a 20-page report and provides an extensive careers list and study area for students to further investigate.

Career suggestions are displayed in an interactive format. Students can adapt the default list of career suggestions by choosing to focus more on their talents, interests, or abilities. Results and suggestions are presented online but may also be downloaded as a PDF report.

For Year 12 students currently contemplating future career pathways and who are unsure about which direction to follow this presents a perfect opportunity to gain valuable insight into options for them to pursue.

Interested students should see Mr May to discuss access and log-in details. They will also have the option to book in a session where the results are analysed and discussed in more detail.


Mr Gerhard May

Deputy Head of Senior School

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