Outback Missions Trip Day 5

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Day 5
Yesterday we were awake in the early hours of the morning, at 4am, and on the bus by 4:30 to Newman.
Last night we went to the Youth Centre in Meekatharra and played basketball and cooked up a feed with the community, which was an exciting experience and a great chance to interact and connect with everyone. The media crew had the chance to interview two members of the community and to hear and grow from their stories- we found them to be heart-wrenching and eye-opening.
We arrived yesterday at Newman, where we would get the chance to do more youth work. We went on a mine tour to see what the mining industry is like and how the process works. We were staying at Kalgans Rest where we tented up until this morning, leaving for Karijini at 8:15am. Yesterday’s afternoon highlight was going to Newman’s community and playing sports with the children of the community and having the chance to interact and teach new skills to the young. We are grateful to have the chance to come and bring together our communities.
Last night’s events involved a blue light disco held by the police committee, for the communities. There was face painting, music, dancing, food and many more activities which we were all pumped for! It was an awesome night with a positive and bubbly atmosphere. It was a great time getting to not only meet and interact with the children but also the adults at the disco. 
Written by students Tenika Fazzalari, Ava Knight and Tia Robinett 

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