Peer Support Strengthens Year 7 Cohort

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Over the course of the year, our Year 7 students will participate in Peer Support activities as part of our Living Well program. Groups of eight to ten students will meet with two or three Peer Leaders from Year 10 and work through a range of activities that focus on building connections and addressing a range of behaviours including the prevention of bullying.

Meeting in small groups allows meaningful connections to form between students which help with the transition to secondary school. Over a period of eight sessions, students will acknowledge their strengths and learn skills to build resilience; identify how to develop, maintain and repair friendships; develop an understanding of a range of behaviours including bullying prevention, and learn strategies in order to respond appropriately in a variety of situations.

The first session was ‘Safe and Sure’ where students met their peer leader and engaged in getting to know your activities.

It has been a busy start to the year, and it’s great to see the Year 7s becoming accustomed to secondary schooling. Many are participating in interhouse sports and other activities occurring in the College.


Mrs Junnetta Spurgeon
Dean of Year 7

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