Philippines Day A Memorable Day

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The Junior School raised more than $15000 on Philippines Day and students had a lot of fun on the day.

In Term 3, the Junior School looked at ways to raise money to support the Malay Agape Sunbeam Academy Inc or MASA Ati School in the Philippines. In Week 9, we held our first fundraising event called ‘5 days for the Philippines’ where students and teachers sought sponsorship for giving up an item or activity for the week. Students made sacrifices such as giving up certain foods, technology, or furniture, while the staff went without items such as coffee or social media. We were reminded of just how blessed we are in Australia and of the importance of helping others less fortunate than ourselves.

In Week 10, the Junior School held its first Philippines Royal Show Day. Despite a rainy start to the day, the sun came out and students enjoyed participating in a range of activities. There were many items for sale, including hand-made chocolates from the Year 5 classes and jewellery made in Art club, as well as a range of fun of side-show stalls.  

The day was a huge success. Not only was the day very enjoyable, it also held a deeper purpose and meaning. Students, staff and parents came together to give generously and willingly, both in regards to donations and the time dedicated to voluntary work.

The Junior School raised a phenomenal $15 800. A portion of the funds raised will be used to ship the sea container, filled earlier in Term 3, to the Philippines. The rest will be used to further the education of children in the Ati community.

Thank you to all the staff, students and parent helpers who made the day possible and an even bigger thanks to our Heavenly Father who exceeds our human efforts and achieves the extraordinary. 


Mrs Stephanie Darque

Deputy Head of Junior School

Mrs Darque has put together a Philippines Day highlights video for assembly which can be watched here.

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