Philippines Impact Trip: Day 11

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“After a week spent at the Ati school, today was a much-needed break. Our snorkelling trip had finally arrived and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. We woke up to blue skies, sunshine and the usual grommet breakie cooked by Amy and co. We left by being rushed out the door by Mr Norman because ‘Time is money and we’re paying them by the minute’ only to arrive at the boat and wait on the sand for about 45 minutes. Classic Mr Norman. 
We finally got on the boat and went to the first snorkelling destination. I’ve done a lot of snorkelling in the past but I can say without a doubt, this was THE. BEST. I’VE. EVER. SEEN. 
Hats off to our guides that took us to a pretty mint spot.
We stayed at the first spot for about half an hour before leaving for the next. Unfortunately, the next one was swamped with stingers so we didn’t stay for long. 
We went straight from there to Puka for a little walk and look around. Gags, Benson and I did our ‘new location groove’ (a dance we do and film at every place we go to). We also got our usual order (a mango shake) from what we call ‘The Squirt Shack’ as it looked a bit sketchy. But you gotta risk it for the biscuit right? Well, in this case, it was a mango shake. No one has been sick (yet) but time will tell. 
We then hopped on the boat and went back to our vista to have showers and get ready to hit the markets. After our walk and shop, we grooved over to Station X for dinner. There was some great live music so we ended up hanging around and chilling for the rest of the night.”
– Bell Blyth

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