Philippines Impact Trip: Day 5

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Today the group began our Sunday by going to church before making our way up to one of the local Ati tribes to meet the Chief and his people, including a visit to the cooling river.
We assisted in their feeding program and provided first aid for the children before either learning the art of folding leaves into balls and other animals or playing basketball with the locals. We then returned to Boracay for dinner, calling it a night for an early start at the school on Monday
Here is a recap of two of our students about their day:
“Today we went on a trip to a village in a jungle, it was absolutely breathtaking.
As we started to walk, we started to see more of the villagers and they would wait to say ‘hello’ to everybody who walked past. Once we arrived we met the Chief and he was very welcoming. We were shown how they harvest their plants and we made little birds and boxes out of the banana leaves.”
– Mikayla Bell
“The day started with a nice breakfast and a great church service. After the church service, we hopped on a bus and headed off to see the Chief of one of the Ati tribes who took us for a swim in the river. Then we had a couple games of basketball and lost but it was good fun. Never sweated so much in my life; I was looking like the river we went to. Then we headed back home and off to dinner. It was a very nice place, really good food. I had two milkshakes, a chicken burrito and fries which was good.”
– Connor Meckenstock

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