Philippines Impact Trip: Day 7

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Today we returned to the Masa Ati school and after the students had recess, began Christmas art and crafts with the primary school children while other students either tutored in the high school or helped with the playground construction project.
With the playground coming together quickly, all hands were on deck to sand and begin painting. After getting the first coat of paint on, we returned to Boracay and later celebrated Kimberley’s 17th birthday with cake and ice-cream sundaes. It has been a great day and the students have continued to step up each day. It has been a joy to see the fruits of their efforts and the special bonds they’ve made with the children of the Masa Ati school. Can’t wait to get back there again soon!
Below is a reflection from Kimberley, the birthday girl:
“Today was my 17th birthday – first we had an early morning rise at 6:30, I called my family back in Perth and I got some lovely cards from them. We then had a delicious breakfast that was made by Amy who is the lady that works at the Vista Guest House. We then went up and got ready for the day and off we went on the ferry to see all the kids! Me and my friend Bell did Arts and Crafts with all the little primary kids, we made puppets with them and they coloured them in, which they really enjoyed! In the afternoon we went and painted the playground which is almost set for all the kids to play on, which all the kids are getting so excited for!! 
Once we got back to the guesthouse we went for an Island swim. It was so nice I loved every minute of it! For dinner we had pizza (A LOT of pizza, too much if you ask me, we all now have food babies)! Especially Miss Gags (she hides it btw). Then Mr Norman surprised me with a birthday cake and it actually said Kimberley on it not Kate surprisingly (inside joke) and we all got to eat homemade ice cream sundaes!! 
I had a great day with all my friends – Jy, Jurgen, Bell, Matt, Connor, Jimmy, Benson, Miss Gags and Callum!
– Kimberley McKay 

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