Philippines Trip 2019 – Day 4 & 5

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“Yesterday we had a very quiet day playing cards and games, this is because there was strong winds and rain. Later that night we went out for dinner at “Station X” to stretch our legs and get out. 

Today we went to the Masa Ati school and had a very warm welcome from the kids and the teachers at the school. They were all very excited with big smiles on their faces, it was very heartwarming and felt really special and proud to be there. When we started the project it all started to feel real, the fact that we are here to help build a senior school which allows students to continue their schooling lifereally makes you happy and proud to push through the heat and get it done.” – Taj 


“Yesterday started with lots of wind and rain which stopped us from being able to catch a boat to the Masa Ati school. Although upset we couldn’t start on our mission to build a classroom, we used this time indoors to go back to sleep after a beautiful breakfast. The rest of the day consisted of playing many card games and all the boys getting motivated to do a 7-minute workoutLater that day, after the wind had finally died down, Mr Allsop took lots of the group down to the beach for a run. The night finished with us all going out for dinner 

Today we were able to go to the Masa Ati School which we were all very relieved to go to.  After the warm welcome of singing and prayers we started the construction of a classroom which would allow the school to have senior school next year. We dug many holes and were able to cut and concrete the foundation poles by the end of the day which was a result of everyone chipping in and working hard. Although exhausted and our shirts full of sweat, the days work made me feel like I’m starting to help others and make an impact.” – Jacob 

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