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Colossians 4:5-6 Use your heads as you live and work among outsiders. Don’t miss a trick. Make the most of every opportunity. Be gracious in your speech. The goal is to bring out the best in others in a conversation, not put them down, not cut them out.

Excellence in performance, medical advances, or success amid extensive opposition or dire circumstances all have this in common, the opportunity or “luck” offered to realise a breakthrough. Opportunity is a tangible concept that is time bound and can present itself once in a lifetime or daily depending on what one sees or looks for.

Several scholars examine this concept of opportunity calling this “luck”:

In 2018, scholars Alessandro Pluchino, Alessio Emanuele Biondo, and Andrea Rapisarda set out to investigate the “largely dominant meritocratic paradigm of highly competitive Western cultures [that] is rooted on the belief that success is due mainly, if not exclusively, to personal qualities such as talent, intelligence, skills, smartness, efforts, willfulness, hard work or risk-taking.” They conclude that, while talent contributes to a person’s success, it’s not the most talented people who are most successful; mediocre people who get lucky often surpass talented people.[i]

At SCC, we believe that opportunity is God-centred and not luck. That God the Father is intricately involved in our daily lives and leads and guides us as we allow and are cognisant of His presence. Thus, when wonderful events occur and students choose to participate and be involved, they are embracing important growth points in their lives and the opportunity together with hard work, and effort will lead to their success.

In reflecting on this concept let’s consider what has happened at SCC over this last term that fits into this paradigm of opportunity for success. The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) and High School Musical (HSM) have presented themselves as opportune moments to embrace and get involved.

The GLS was held at SCC in March led by the Year 12 leaders who hosted Year 11 students from SCEA schools, and some other schools in a day of leadership development. In the planning and organisation of this event, the success, and outcomes of this one-day event could not have been anticipated. In hindsight, one realised that history was being made for these young people to step up, realise their own talents, gifts and abilities and use these to bless and encourage others. This one-day event has had a profound effect on our Year 12 leaders and is a day they will not forget. This day may have consolidated a path of career development for these students which they will only recognise in the years to come. More information regarding this event can be found here:

High School Musical over six performances was another opportunity embraced by 80-odd students to create something extraordinary. The CEO of SCEA, Graeme Cross has this to say:

Occasionally in life, there are moments where we can find ourselves immersed in an experience that moves us and touches something deep within the soul – and, at times, can move us to tears.  On Wednesday night at Swan Christian College’s (SCC) production of Disney’s High School Musical, that happened for me – and many others in the audience.  As I reflected on this experience, it reminded me of why I am passionate about Christian education. [ii]

This is in response to the messaging of “we are all in this together” but more so to the way that Jane Hille, the director chose to end the production. After the completion of the story and the final song, Jane, together with Susannah Morcombe, the Musical Director, and Beth Bella, the Choreographer, come out onto stage, and joined the cast to sing “The Blessing” a well-known song written and performed by Elevation Worship, Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes.[iii] Truly an inspirational moment and opportunity to affirm our identity as a Christian School, touch lives and bless others.

In reflecting on Paul’s encouragement in Colossians we can therefore see that opportunities arise for each of us, the talented and the mediocre and we see these as God-ordained, not luck. Our challenge will be when we see these opportunities arise, how will we respond? Our prayer is that our community will embrace every opportunity to get involved and become whom God created us to be. In this way, we will find success and ultimately also bless others.  

Enjoy the upcoming holidays and we look forward to seeing you for Term 2.

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