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A warm welcome to our first newsletter for 2022. I would like to especially welcome the new families and staff who have joined our College community this year.

Our start to the year has again been impacted by COVID-19 which has highlighted the need for the College to remain agile. Our approach is one that we endeavour to ensure students can have the opportunity to engage in a rich curricular and cocurricular program whilst meeting government requirements.

I will continue to inform you via email of any changes due to COVID mandates over the remainder of term. To ensure you stay informed please advise the College of any changes to your email address.

During these times your children may be suffering from the effects of COVID fatigue. I recommend the following article available through SchoolTV on the College website which offers information, advice and a perspective that may be helpful to you and your family in this time. The article and video can be viewed via the link below:

SchoolTV is a resource with information on a range of parenting topics that may be of use for parent/guardians of adolescents. I encourage you to take some time to familiarise yourself with the SchoolTV resource for your individual needs and purposes.

I would also like to acknowledge the outstanding ATAR results achieved by our Class of 2021. It is a great achievement that all students met the requirements of the Western Australian Certificate of Education. Additionally, 14 students were admitted to the Excelsior Club having achieved an ATAR of 90 or higher, including 2 Swanonline students. Eight of our VET students were welcomed into the Bene Factum Club this year, having successfully completed three or more certificate courses.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Ms Jane Hille on the recent production of The Almost Completely Terrible Tale of Felicity Footin, which was performed at the Subiaco Arts Centre as part of the Perth Fringe Festival. The production was entertaining, and the cast featured several Swan Christian College Alumni.


Mr Terry Eason
Acting Principal

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