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Students in Year 4 were visited by the Red Cross to learn about “The Pillowcase Project”. 

The project taught students about emergency preparedness and covered strategies for staying calm and packing an emergency pillowcase with essential items in the event that they were ever in an evacuation. Students practiced the strategy of “Breathing in colour” to stay calm and brainstormed all the items that would help them during an emergency. Students enjoyed decorating their pillow cases with pictures of their essential emergency items. The incursion was a practical and engaging one that helped students develop their emergency response skills.

“I learned how to breathe in my happy colours breathe out my bad colours. Also, the whole thing was really fun!” – Alicia H (4B)

“We decorated pillow cases to use as a bag which we would fill with items such as non-perishable food, water, a toothbrush, a change of clothes, first aid, medicine, a torch with batteries, money and something to if you got bored. So, if we are in danger and had to leave, we can just grab it if we have already packed it.” – Mikayla S (4B)

“It was wonderful to hear that the Red Cross helps families in need after a serious emergency. I really enjoyed drawing the things we need in an emergency on a pillowcase.” – Nikki B (4A)

“I learned that Red Cross started this project after they saw children carrying their things in a pillowcase during hurricane Katrina. It’s a great way to be prepared for an emergency!” – Tillie O (4A)

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