School Sport WA Triathlon 2020

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On 5 November we took 17 students from Year 7 to Year 9 to Champion Lakes Regatta Centre to compete in the School Sport WA Triathlon against numerous other schools.

The weather conditions on the day were sunny, becoming quite warm in the afternoon with a breeze through most of the day that would prove challenging for both the ride and swim legs. Of the students that participated, we had three students complete the course individually in the Junior Boys and Novice category. The remaining 14 students completed in three people teams with the exception of one Year 8 Girls team of two students!

Our first event of the day was the Juniors group with a course that consisted of a 300m swim, 11km bike ride and 2km run. The next event that followed was the Novice group with a 300m swim, 16km bike ride and 3km run. Our students competed well throughout the day and encouraged their peers as each individual and team finished their event. We had a Top 10 result with the Year 8 Boys team coming in 7th and a Top 20 results with our Year 7 girls team coming in at exactly 20th.  For many of our students, this was their first triathlon whether as an individual or in a team, over the course of the day many found the perseverance to keep going while others discovered what they can learn from this year to work on and hopefully recompete in next years SSWA Triathlon.

For anyone interested in learning more about Triathlon, programs or racing opportunities for kids, please visit or email to find out about joining a program or club near you.

The results for the day are below:

Individual Results





Junior Boys

Samuel (Year 8)


Junior Boys

James (Year 8)


Novice Boys

Bailey (Year 9)


Team Results



Team Members


Year 7 Girls

Chloe, Zara and Katelyn (Year 7)


Year 8 Boys

Austin, Kayden and Denan (Year 8)


Year 8 Girls

Jade, Rose and Teasha (Year 8)


Year 8 Girls

Samantha and Mikaela (Year 8)


Year 8 Girls

Mia, Alice and Abbey (Year 8)


The breakdown of times and each individual leg can be found by accessing the following link:



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