Scitech Excursion

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Our Year 6 students went on an excursion to Scitech and enjoyed the Science shows and different activities on display.

“On 12 October, the Year 6s went to Scitech, a place you can learn all about science.  My favourite experience was definitely when we went to the science lab where we could learn about robots. We were asked to program how fast or how slow the robots could go, which was fun. I also enjoyed when we had free time and got to lie down on a bed of nails, which felt so cool. Also, we worked with circuits and watched the science show! Overall my experience at Scitech was amazing and I learned a lot of new things that I never knew.” – Isabelle B

“At Scitech, we saw lots of different things and learned about how they worked, like how to code a little Ozobot robot. We also went to a show about energy where a lot of excitement happened. Out of all the amazing things that we had seen and done I most enjoyed walking around to each activity that was on display. The one I enjoyed the most was the bed of nails. For the bed of nails, we got to lie down and when we pulled the lever a lot of nails came up slowly and lifted you along with it. The reason why it didn’t hurt was because they were all distributed in little holes and each of them came up at the same time, so we just came up with the nails.” – Matilda R

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