Secondhand Uniform Sale

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We will be holding a secondhand uniform sale on Monday 16 December with many heavily discounted high-quality uniform items on sale.

Mr Hockley has counted the current stock of secondhand items and has come to the conclusion that there will be at least:

  • 75 dresses
  • 39 sports shirts
  • 40 college school shirts
  • 23 blazers
  • 10 school bags
  • 6 Chef outfits
  • 25 skirts
  • 85 shorts
  • 43 jumpers
  • 47 long trousers
  • Plus hats, scarfs, ties, socks etc.



Monday 16 December, 9:00am


Maali Mia foyer, Swan Christian College


All proceeds from the sale will go towards projects at the Light Up Ahead School in Kantolomba, Zambia.

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