Specialist AFL students welcome visitor

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The Year 10 Specialist Australian Rules Football class welcomed Zac Fisher from the Carlton Football Club to the College. Zac and his brother Brock spent a lesson with the class talking football, leading multiple drills and playing a game of endzone football with the group.

Zac was drafted in 2017 at pick number 25 from the Perth Football Club and has currently played 63 games for the Blues.

The group enjoyed learning and kicking the ball with Zac. Jayden from our program was awarded the signed Burley football from Zac.

The Specialist AFL program is now into its third year with the Year 9 and 10 cohorts. It is a program focusing on fundamental skills and game knowledge and available to both boys and girls.

A big thank you to Zac for spending time with our group.


Mr Simon Bergin

Deputy Head of Middle School

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