STTC Philippines Impact Trip Day 10

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Today has been a hard but good working day. We all thought we were going to finish straight after lunch but it turned out that we had another two hours to go. We ended up going to some markets after we finished work. 
– Dylan Graham

Today was a successful working day with many hard challenges. The best part of today was the local children performing for us as a farewell. This trip has been an amazing and eye-opening experience. We have all had our good and bad days but we have all pushed through and succeeded in what had to be done
– Jack Bull

The last couple days have consisted of interacting with the students of Ati school. I’ve been dreaming of having this once-in-a-lifetime experience, being outside my comfort zone, walking goats on a leash and transporting little kids by piggy-back in the lunch room to have some gooood pig. Besides all the games, I’ve had the chance to teach students my age, and younger students, maths and English, which was a real eye-opener to the educational system in second world countries.
– James Howe

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