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As Swan Christian College is a private property, students require the permission of our Head of Senior School to drive vehicles onto the College property. 

The Head of Senior School has the right to deny any vehicle access to the College and students’ driving should be considered a privilege, not a right. A Student Driver Agreement form must be completed and approved before access is granted and a permit is issued. Only cars under the Student Driver Agreement will be approved for students to access College property.

The permit assumes that the driver:

  • will faithfully obey all traffic rules
  • parks in designated student parking area, hands keys into Student Services and displays permit
  • arrives and parks by 8:15am and does not leave until 3:30pm
  • does not drive at a speed exceeding 20kph within the College property
  • does not use the vehicle in any dangerous or reckless manner
  • will bring a parental note to Student Services if the student driver arrives late, leaves early or leaves the College during school hours
  • understands that any breach of the above will be treated as a disciplinary offence and may result in permission to drive on College property being cancelled.

The Student Driver Agreement form can be collected from Student Services.




Mr Terry Eason

Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

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