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On Tuesday 27 September, representatives from all seven SCEA schools attended the sixth annual SCEAvision World Languages Performance Contest Finals in the Maali Mia theatre.

The evening is designed to celebrate students’ background languages and encourage students in their Languages studies. It was an absolute pleasure to once again witness the students’ artistic talents and pure joy of performing in a language other than English.

“We loved the whole night again this year. SCEA vision is becoming our yearly family night out which we all enjoy so much.”  (A parent comment on Facebook)

The performances included drama, poetry and singing in eight different languages across the 17 performances. The languages included in this year’s finals included Afrikaans, French, Japanese, Shona, Indonesian, Italian, Chinese and Spanish.

Swan Christian College was well represented with six performances across Years 1-12, taking away four of the trophies. A huge thank you to all students who took part in the auditions, semi-finals and the finals and all the parents and friends who supported them.

Please find below the complete list of winners and runners-up in each category.


Lower Primary

Winner:  Poem by Meika S  – Afrikaans (NSCGS)

Runner-up: Group singing – French (ECC)


Middle Primary

Winner: Play – Afrikaans (ECC)

Runner-up:  Song by Evelyn T– Italian  (SCC)


Upper Primary

Winner: Song by Megan & Bianca van der W – Afrikaans (BCS)

Runner-up: Song by Tameka B – French (SHCC)


Lower Secondary

Winner: Song by Kayla de V – French (SCC)

Runner-up:  Group singing  – Indonesian (NSCGS)


Upper Secondary

Winner: Song by Munashe W – Shona (SCC)

Runner-up: Song by Mary B – Japanese (SCC)


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