Swan Takes Second Place in National Spelling Bee Competition

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Education Perfect’s Australian National Spelling Bee took place in Week 10 last term and our Senior School took up the challenge: with outstanding results!

Out of 150 schools across the nation, Swan Christian College placed Second nationally and First in Western Australia! Our students also achieved First Place nationally in our sub-category (schools with 501-1000 registered students).

Students battled it out to achieve the title of National Champion, proving that their school produced the best orthographers in Australia.

All students registered with Education Perfect were eligible to enter. English classes were given over to the competition and, as the hours ticked by, Swan students began appearing in the Top 400. Then the Top 300. Then the Top 100. Ellenbrook Christian College was giving us a run for our money but we began to pull away on the second day.

A room was opened for students to come in and compete during their breaks. It soon turned out that there was a heated battle going on between Lachlan B in Year 8 and Jarvis P in Year 8 for the top title in the College (pictured).

Rumours circulated that both students managed to squeeze in extra time when they had finished work in classes other than English. Some even claimed to stay awake into the small hours just to compete. Could this be true?

With 15 minutes to go, exhausted students made use of their lunchtime on Friday to spell their final words and add to their points tally.

As a result of these outstanding efforts, Swan Christian College achieved the following results:

  • Overall 2nd place nationally (out of 150 schools)
  • 1st place in Western Australia
  • 1st place nationally in our category (501 – 1000 registered students)
  • In 14th place nationally was Year 8 Lachlan B
  • In 20th place nationally was Year 8 Jarvis P

In addition, the following students placed in the Top 100 nationally:

  • Leith W (78th)
  • Cooper V (79th)
  • Lara J (81st)
  • Angelina P (95th)

Congratulations must go to all of the above students and every student who participated. What a fantastic result!

Now to prepare for next year…



Mrs Rose Owens
English Teacher

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