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Congratulations to Swanonline student Kira (Year 9) who was selected as a finalist in the 2021 Aussie Student Inventions Competition by Clickview for her ‘SnakeBand’ invention.

All Swanonline Year 7-9 students, alongside hundreds of students from across Australia, entered the competition and it was wonderful to see so many creative and innovative entries.

Kira’s invention, a highly stretched cylindrical piece of material that will form into a limb-immobiliser when activated, seeks to simplify the treatment of snakebites.

“Although there are current treatments and options for immobilising limbs from a snake bite, such as a splint and immobilisation bandage, it is often done incorrectly by people who do not have experience. There are a number of steps to this treatment which can make the situation stressful and hard to understand,” Kira explained.

“SnakeBand is easy to understand with only two steps (slip it on and run your hand along its surface) which solves this issue.”

The winners of the competition will be announced in the coming weeks! Good luck, Kira, and congratulations on your achievements thus far.

Kira’s presentation is available on the Clickview competition website.

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