Teddy bear picnic

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Wearing their bear hats and holding their special teddy biscuit treats, the Pre Primary students gathered together for a wonderful day of teddy games, songs and a fun picnic.

If you went down to Pre Primary last Friday, you were in for a big surprise. If you went down to Pre Primary last Friday, you had better have been disguised. For every bear that ever there was, was gathered there for certain because that’s the day the teddy bears had their picnic!

As part of the Teddy Bear Day, the students enjoyed listening to storyteller Rebecca Flanagan’s delightful interactive story where the children were swept up in the fantastic tale of The Three Bears. Goldilocks got herself into all kinds of mischief when she discovered a cottage in the woods!

Musical experiences enhanced the session and the students danced with their teddy bears, using colourful rainbow scarves. They then found themselves in a world of wonderful bubbles to finish the day!

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